Bluetooth Wireless Switch



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Bluetooth Wireless Switch

Another PRC Innovation: The Bluetooth®Wireless Switch
Allows wireless access to PRC devices with built-in Bluetooth capabilities!
Use with ECO-14, Vantage Lite, and SpringBoard Lite!

Need a Bluetooth Adapter as well? Click here to purchase the Full Access Bluetooth Bundle
which includes the Bluetooth Wireless Switch as well as the Bluetooth Adapter.

Bluetooth Wireless Switch


  • Bluetooth Switch
  • Battery Charger - adapter/cable
  • Mounting Plate accessory
  • Operational Manual
Switch Specifications:
  • 2.5" in diameter, 1.6" high
  • Available in 5 vivid colors
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery:
The switch provides over 100 hours of run time on a single charge. Rechargeable Li-ion battery can be charged through a USB cable and a powered USB port or an appropriate adapter. The recharge cycle is completed in less than eight hours.

Additional Features:

  • External switch jack allows dual switch input.
  • Non-skid material on bottom case keeps the switch where you want it.
  • LEDs indicate when "pairing" is complete and the product is ready for wireless communication.
  • LEDs indicate when power is on/off and when the battery needs to be charged.
  • Mode switches (internal) for alternate modes of operation.
  • Battery level can be viewed in paired PRC device.

Computer Access Feature:
(requires the PRC Bluetooth Adapter)
Three product "modes" for access:

  • Mouse Modeinputs mouse moves and 'click' and 'double click' into USB-equipped computers. This mode requires an external dual switch to be plugged into the Bluetooth Wireless Switch.
  • Keyboard 1,2,3 Modeallows the switch to be used to scan in PRC PASSTMsoftware.
  • Keyboard F-Keys Modeallows the switch to be used to scan in WiVik®software, when applicable.

Switch Color Options:
(Must be indicated at time of purchase.)
  • Blue (BLU)
  • Purple (PRP)
  • Red (RED)
  • White (WHT)
  • Yellow (YLW)

Available Options: